An absolute alliance of artwork and a cracking good story!
By Angela Rath on March 24, 2015

Stan Mott's Book "The Absolute Alliance" has not only great artwork, but is also an intelligent study of the old psychological and philosophical mysteries: The difference between men and women, between the male versus female way of perception , thinking and feeling, or said more generally, how it would be to experience life from another ones view.

Stan Mott's work offers a very interesting and creative approach to this topic: Caused by an accident, his male and female protagonists, Adam and Zelda, are catapulted into the body of the other one. From now on they are forced to experience life from out the perspective of the other sex, respectively while they are absolutely conscious of their old being. So they end up in an inseparable relationship, hovering over the other one, watching the other ones every move in order to take care of their own (old) body and not losing contact to it.

While they are denying their new Identity, they are faced with the situations typical for men and women, as there are rape, aggression, helplessness or weakness. So they get the deepest insights possible in the physical an emotional world of the opposite sex as well as the behavior of the context.

Then Stan Mott uses a really tricky coup de theatre: When they begin to accept their fate, they fell in love with each other, what also means with themselves. This can be understood as an integration of male and female aspects in one human being, an absolute alliance, finally completed by the pregnancy of Zelda, formerly Adam.

Thrilling, amazing , a multilayer Masterpiece!

Giving "Love Yourself" a whole new meaning!
By Dexter Ford on March 5, 2015

He's a soldier of amorous fortune, sailing rich tourists on his old-school sailboat crewed by his harem of Euro-babes. She's a spoiled Texas heiress with a taste for partying and a distaste for her upcoming arranged marriage. When they both meet unfortunate ends, at the same fortunate time, they wind up swapping bodies. And what bodies they are.

Stan Mott's outlandish graphic novel is a wild, soaring ride through space, time, corruption, eroticism, sexual politics, and the strict definition of self love. If you're making whoopee to yourself, even though you are now in another body, does it still count? Will you go blind? Just need glasses?

The Absolute Alliance partakes of graphic traditions that include the original 1950s picture novels like "It Rhymes with Lust", R. Crumb's lewd and lucid Zap Comix of the drug-fueled 60s, modern noir illustrated novels like Watchmen, and just a touch of Betty and Veronica.

What else would you expect from Stan Mott, the legendary cartoonist, writer and adventurer who has driven a go-kart around the world, designed his own bizarre, semi-imaginary car, the Cyclops, sailed his own fishing boat through the Med and the Caribbean, and imagined scenes as wonderfully absurd as Freestyle Truck Jumping, racing locomotives competing in Les 24 Heures de Choo Choo, and a underwear-based hybrid Soviet airplane called the Atheletski Supportorvick.

Search "Stan Mott" to see more of his fevered automotive, sensual, aquatic and aviation fantasies. But read The Absolute Alliance to experience this outlandish, completely original mind at his all-time best.

Great story, artfully told in images
By R.C. on December 11, 2014

A grand and imaginative story line, profound philosophical concerns, a sympathetic treatment of the eternal human condition… The Absolute Alliance is all of those, and more. The drawings are beautifully executed with an extraordinary precision and accuracy. If you've ever been to any of the exotic places depicted, you'll recognize them instantly. Mott's drawings, like those in scientific reports, show the essential things you need to know about the subject, but leave out the extraneous and confusing. If you've ever been around people you encounter in their different roles - bureaucrats, bosses, police, fawning servitors, British tourists, thugs, fraternity boys, body guards, federal agents, political fixers - you'll recognize them here. So not only the scenic backgrounds, but even the characters' personalties are expressed beautifully.

The drawings are also really funny, with skewed points of view, perspectives as carefully considered as those in the paintings of renaissance masters, and a lively sense of the absurd. Graphic novels are sometimes comic books in a grand format, sometimes portfolios of beautifully executed drawings with an appended story line, sometimes abridged illustrated versions of classical myths. This book encompasses all all of those elements, and considerably more. Because the wonderful illustrations are only part of The Absolute Alliance. The text is also informative and entertaining, the story is powerful, and it's a really worthwhile read even without the pictures.

But they are present and key to fully appreciating the monumental effort, years in the making and the whole merits your full attention. Each time you read it, you'll discover something new.

Absolutely Brilliant Alliance
By S. BERLINER III on December 5, 2014

I have now re-read The Absolute Alliance some ten more times and still love it - it is simply brilliant - and the art work is superb! Each time I read it, I find even more to admire. What a magnificent oeuvre! CONGRATULATIONS, Stan Mott!

Mind Blown.
By Gary on December 5, 2014

The AA story turned my mind inside out a few times. It is a masterpiece in the Stan Mott tradition.

A Warning to the World !
By Donald on November 10, 2014

"What a page turner! And what a scope! Sex, Sexism, Love, gender roles, Money/Power uber alles, and "Malthus was right"!

I laud Stan Mott's Voice in the Wilderness and pray that it may be heard. In other words, I love the book! I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to do all the detailed art!"

©2015 Stan Mott