Stan Mott was born into the Southern California car culture in 1933.

At 12 he owned 50 percent interest in a Cragar A-Bone roadster; at 15 raced his deuce coupe at El Mirage dry lake; at 17 had his first automotive cartoons published in the Rosetta Timing Association program. He attended Art Center School and developed a sense of humor in the World's Greatest Rolling Clown Show (GM Styling Section). He didn't last long.

In 1957 he created, along with Robert Cumberford, the Cyclops II - "world's most stupid car" - and sold an article about it to Road & Track magazine. He has been selling cartoons and articles to magazines worldwide ever since.

From 1961 to 1964 he drove a gokart around the world through 27 countries. En route, while admiring an attractive woman on a Parisian metro, he mused "If only I could get into her head, perhaps later I could... But what if she could get into my head? Wait! What if we could get into each other's heads? Literally? Ding-a-ling! A book!"

But he had a gokart trip to finish. That done, he settled in Lausanne, Switzerland, only to have the travel bug bite again in 1975. He and his fashion designer wife bought a 53 ft. Turkish caique yacht named "Deniz Agaci." They cruised the Mediterranean and Caribbean for 17 years, Stan producing cartoons and articles in his onboard studio. When they had enough sunsets in paradise, they sold their boat and settled in Neuss, Germany. Time to do the book. "Deniz Agaci" became "Adam's Rib" and the beautiful southern Turkish coast and the lush island of Rhodes became the backdrop for "The Absolute Alliance."

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